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We’ll have deadly power in Senate: Katter

April 14th, 2019 | Posted by admin in 南宁桑拿

Federal MP Bob Katter is confident his party will join forces with two senators to hold the balance of power in the Senate after the election.


Mr Katter says independent Senator Nick Xenophon, Democratic Labour Party Senator John Madigan and Katter’s Australia Party (KAP) Senate hopeful country music singer James Blundell will be a powerful trio.

“Nick, John and I are often referred to as the three amigos because we vote the same way on almost everything,” he told AAP on Thursday.

“I’m hopeful that group will have the balance of power in the Senate.”

A party spokesman told AAP they’re hopeful of winning four Queensland seats and two Senate spots.

However, polls and political analysts say Mr Katter will retain his north Queensland seat of Kennedy and Mr Blundell may win a Senate spot at best.

Mr Katter predicts the Liberal National Party (LNP) will have a comfortable majority in the lower house.

“But they won’t in the Senate,” he said.

“Which means to get legislation through they’ll have to accept amendments and that’s where we’ll have deadly power.”

Mr Katter has been holding so-called “camp fire get-togethers” with supporters across his electorate that include a rendition of Way out West from Mr Blundell.

His key messages have centred around boosting industries such as agriculture and mining to create more jobs for Australians.

The 20-year veteran of parliament describes all his earlier election campaigns as “a fantastic elongated pub crawl with the trauma of an election at the end of it”.

He says this year has been different because he’s now the leader of a party and he’s had to travel all over Australia.

Political analyst Paul Williams, from Griffith University, says the party’s campaign has lacked focus.

“Bob Katter seems to be popping up in places without any co-ordinated strategy and KAP doesn’t have a single message,” he said.

Mr Katter says LNP ads saying a vote for KAP is a vote for Labor has seriously hurt his campaign.

“How can a vote for me be a vote for the Labor Party?” he said.

“But a vote for us in the Senate, well yes we’ve done a deal (with Labor in Queensland).”

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