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Week In Review: Gay marriage, elections and an Apple store

January 12th, 2019 | Posted by admin in 上海性息 - (Comments Off on Week In Review: Gay marriage, elections and an Apple store)

While it's been a relatively quiet week in news, celebrities, world leaders, politicians and even brand names always seem to make headlines for one reason or another.


With the upcoming Zimbabwean election, President Robert Mugabe shows no signs of loosening his iron grip on power. Earlier this week Mugabe threatened to arrest opposition figures over mounting violence in the country. At the weekend, the Zimbabwean leader even said he'd go to war, rather than hand power to his opponent, MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

VIDEO: The Week In Review

Keep up to date with the Zimbabwean election here.

Meanwhile in the US, election fever is also heating up but in a different way. Democratic nominee Barack Obama continues his successful run in the spotlight with a formal endorsement from climate change crusader Al gore.

The former US Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize winner gave Obama a glowing endorsement, introducing him to the stage as 'the next president of the United States'.

Gore echoed Obama's central message of change, insisting that the United States “simply cannot afford to continue the policies of the last eight years for another four”.

The business of politics made its way into Australian newspapers this week, with blast-from-the-past Peter Costello climbing in the opinion polls. While he may not be a star member of parliament anymore, the former treasurer outranked Brendan Nelson as preferred opposition leader.

Still with politics, and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says he'll attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.

Uncertainty had surrounded Mr Rudd's Olympics plans, after campaigners urged global leaders to avoid the Games in protest at China's crackdown in Tibet.

And as always we end the week with the lighter side of life which often gets you clicking more than the serious stuff.

This week we brought you a behind-the-scenes media preview of Sydney's flagship Apple store.

Check out the blog by our Executive Producer – a renowned tech geek and recent Mac convert.

Video: Apple Store A Glass Act

And finally, hundreds of gay couples have rushed to tie the knot in the US.

County clerk offices across California opened for their first full day of same-sex marriages, with hundreds of happy gay and lesbian couples ready to tie the knot, often in a party atmosphere.

From San Diego to Eureka, couples donned their wedding wear, local licensing clerks expanded their staff and conservative groups warned of a backlash as the most populous US state joined Massachusetts in sanctioning gay unions.

The May 15 California Supreme Court ruling that overturned the state's bans on same-sex marriage became final at 5.01pm (0001 AEST Tuesday), and clerks in at least five counties extended their hours to mark the occasion.